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About us

We exist to take the time, stress and cost out of consumer data requests

We are a world-class provider of automated data mapping, protection and privacy management solutions that are fast, compliant and easy to use.  

Our vision

Or vision is big, yet in some ways simple. To help businesses stay ahead of the changing data compliance landscape by being a world-class provider of automated data protection and privacy measurement solutions.

We will stay ahead of the curve as changes come.

Our focus

To work closely with our clients and help them save millions of dollars each year in operational overhead and compliance expenses.

We want to help businesses address data protection and privacy concerns particularly with the Australian Consumer Data Right and any other emerging regulations.

Who we help

Put simply, our customers are a busy marketplace of businesses going about their day-to-day activities that will become subject to data privacy reporting requirements.

The Australian Consumer Data Right will rollout across the entire Australian economy.

Our Founders

People DavidChristmas

David Christmas

CEO & Founder

As the CEO and Founder of DataBench, David developed the original vision and strategy for the company and is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has 20 years of software delivery experience and is passionate in core concepts like: portfolio management, strategic direction, building trust, scope definition, planning, delivery, governance and execution. He has been involved in delivering complicated ICT and major transformational projects and programs of work across North America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Qatar, Dubai, India and the Middle East.

People BenCameron

Ben Cameron

CFO & Director

As a Co-Founder of DataBench,  Ben is a respected, connected industry expert who has over 25+ years as a driving force behind the Queensland business market generally. He has worked with highly successful businesses and family groups, corporate organisations, property companies, the finance sectors, manufacturers and professionals services. He is also the managing partner of Bentleys Queensland. Ben has worked closely with the corporate sector including guiding clients undergoing IPO, business reviews and asset realisation assignments.

What sets us apart

POD Fast


Our unique platform can do in just minutes what would normally take a dedicated team of specialists over two weeks, and touches up to seven areas within the company, that are all looking for manual intervention, review and sign off. This reduces the amount of human error and saves the resourcing required to process your data requests manually.

POD Compliant


DataBench is fully compliant with Australia's Consumer Data Right privacy laws. You will not have to manually check your data, saving you potential fines between $250,000 to $2.1M per offence for non-compliance whilst maintaining the integrity of your business's reputation.

POD Easy


Data requests and compliance should not be complicated. We’ve created our platform to be easy to use and fully automated with a specific workflow management capability for full internal transparency.

Contact Us

Fill in the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch, otherwise, feel free to give us a call on the number below.

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