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Data privacy advisory with a suite of software solutions. 

As a leading automated data privacy platform, DataBench helps you solve all of your personal data compliance obligations in one place, reducing manual overhead, additional expense, resources, fines and eliminating human error. 

What we offer

Data Privacy is the ultimate moving target.

Almost every business in Australia is unprepared and vulnerable when it comes to managing personal data and most CEO's are unaware of what applications they have across their business. Which means they don't really know where all the personal data sits and it's about to get even harder to understand and handle with the incoming Consumer Data Right and privacy legislation changes.

Our vision is big, yet in some ways simple. To be a world-class provider of automated privacy management software that helps businesses stay ahead of the changing personal data compliance landscape.  To stay ahead of the curve we will help take the time, cost, extra resources and stress out of meeting new compliance requirements.

Solution DataBench


How does it work?

  1. Your business receives a consumer data request
  2. The DataBench platform sources the relevant data from across your business’s applications and systems
  3. DataBench collates this information in a legally compliant, automated report within minutes.

DataBench provides a live data map of where all your data, relevant assets and processes exist without the need for constant manual surveys and interviews. This reduces any further risk with consent and preference management.

DataBench essentially works to audit your structured (such as names, dates, addresses, credit card numbers) and unstructured (such as email messages, word-processing documents) data sources. We can help you understand the type and amount of your own and customer’s personal data, and in doing so kick-start your compliance requirements and reduce the costs of manually managing your data requests. 

Solution Services

Support and Consulting Services

Our dedicated support services will ensure your business and privacy related personnel are supported throughout the entire data privacy lifecycle, including  ongoing guidance and advice.

Our dedicated consulting services include:

  1. Pre-sales consulting
  2. Privacy consulting
  3. Audit and gap analysis
  4. Compliance and risk management
  5. Records digitisation
  6. Data inventory analysis
  7. Data migration
  8. Data privacy training and accreditation

What sets us apart

POD Fast


Our unique platform can do in just minutes what would normally take a dedicated team of specialists over two weeks, and touches up to seven areas within the company, that are all looking for manual intervention, review and sign off. This reduces the amount of human error and saves the resourcing required to process your data requests manually.

POD Compliant


DataBench is fully compliant with Australia's privacy laws which means we help our customers avoid potential fines between $250,000 up to $10M per offence for non-compliance whilst maintaining the integrity of their business's reputation.

POD Easy


Data requests and compliance should not be complicated. We’ve created our platform to be easy to use and fully automated with a specific workflow management capability for full internal transparency.

What the experts are saying

On the importance of data compliance


Data subject requests continue to be a challenge for organisations...

Privacy Tech Vendor Report 4.1 - IAPP

As awareness around privacy issues rises, data subjects will become more aware of their rights and seek to exercise them.

Privacy Tech Vendor Report 4.1 - IAPP

Organisations that have had the hardest time with data subject requests are the ones with manual processes in place and no team dedicated to their fulfilment.

Privacy Tech Vendor Report 4.1 - IAPP

There are plenty of variables organisations must consider as data requests come in, and privacy technology may be a resource to help them navigate the complex compliance landscape, particularly those that use automation to take the burden off the privacy team.

Privacy Tech Vendor Report 4.1 - IAPP

Privacy technology could help organisations speed-up those response times and avoid regulators’ ire.

Privacy Tech Vendor Report 4.1 - IAPP

The Consumer Data Right has been set up by the Australian Government to benefit Australians. It is co-regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

Australian Consumer Data Right 

Data mapping and fulfilling data subject access requests are increasingly difficult to operationalize manually, and privacy professionals have started to look for tech solutions to help make their jobs easier as the stakes for noncompliance raises with the passing of each new privacy law.

2021 Global Tech Vendor Report IAPP

For 2023, Gartner expects 75% of the world to be covered under some kind of privacy law with built-in subject rights requests and consent. The key, they said, will be whether privacy management programs can be automated.

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